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Introducing Instant Tolerance Break

Instant Tolerance Break is just what is says it is. If you've noticed that your highs aren't as strong, or that you're using too much material each day, you've probably also wondered when to take a tolerance break, and how long it should last. That's where ITB comes in.

ITB is a supplement blend that works in many different pathways in the body to quickly boost the perceived effects of psychoactive substances. Whether it's combining it simultaneously in the stomach or waiting until it primes you for your recreational activity of choice, the result is increased effects and reduced doses.

The best part is that these benefits should be felt immediately. 30 days, no way! A couple of weeks, skip it. A 3 day tolerance break is basically a relapse. With ITB, whether its high flower or Thai flower, drinking or blinkers, CBD, X, Y, or Z, you can complete a T-break in the same day! Time is money, so ask yourself: are tolerance breaks really worth it?

Reduced Tolerance

Works with certain neurological receptors to diminish resistance.

Enhanced Effects

Effects are intensified beyond expectation. Synergizes with a variety of products.

Improved Bioavailability

The body processes and metabolizes more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this really work instantly?

Yes, Instant Tolerance Break's ingredients have been researched and are shown to have activity in the body regarding modulation of the effects of psychoactive substances in regards to tolerance, bioavailability, and duration, among other things, instantly. In fact, one ingredient has current dietary use as a coadministrative bioavailability booster, meaning it is able to be taken at the same time as other substances.

Is it safe?

All ingredients in ITB are generally regarded as safe, and have research proving their safety and low risk of toxicity in long term consistent administration. In fact, some display acute beneficial effects on certain biological performance markers.
However, we cannot advise or recommend combining ITB with prescription medication or substances that have adverse effects on health, especially those of an illicit nature.

How does ITB work?

The ingredients work in the body through a variety of pathways, including modulation of neurological, circulatory, and hepatic processes. This results in a body that is more efficient at utilizing and processing certain substances.

How much can I take? How much should I take?

ITB is dosed so that it works with 1 pill. However, a dose of up to 4 pills will have scaling improved effectiveness. Please do not exceed 8 pills in any 24 hour period.

Do I need to take this every day?

Research shows that the ingredients in ITB are well tolerated and generally regarded as safe in daily administration. Anecdotally, users of certain ingredients report feeling their effectiveness after an hour for extended periods of time. Conversely, other users of certain ingredients report needing higher doses daily as well as a delayed onset of effectiveness to achieve desired effects.

Try a variety of doses and timings to achieve your most efficient individual regimen.